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You will never keep up with the pace of the times, never have to learn the endless knowledge. With the increase in knowledge of our results did not rise but declined. Really should be the opportunity to challenge the coexistence of the phrase. We kept the chagrin, no success when the proud, we ushered in the failure of others cold. How many people would like to say, the pace of life so fast, how can you use the same standards to see us?
Hundred Flowers bloom, I am also abundant.
Every journey begins, we are equal. This track is very long, you never know, who is the ultimate winner. You temporarily lead, can never represent you will become the East undefeated, but we have won enough cheers; you just not good enough, already tasted the satire of others. Winners in the spring garden is open Yan, mediocre can also occupy a place. The garden is fragrant.
Stars dim, what seems bright moon
Why do the ancients homesickness moon, because "the moon has a wane" ah. Moon in the sky watching the world of well-being, the Millennium pocket to turn, she still did not understand the world, people are volatile. She wanted to change her vision of the world. Gradually understand why the icing on the cake is never better than snow.
Against the current, a leaf boat
Heart still? Lengnuanzizhi. Do not want to become a mortal beings in a grain of dust, do not want to be corded. Not in order to encourage a cheer, but also will not because others tit for tat. If not, the Guards and the line.
Shilihe flowers to Sanqiu Guizi, snow-capped snow into the spring breeze. Hell and Heaven are only a step away. Do not judge easily is the angel or the devil.

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